Menswear A/W 17 Collection

Strong mark making and illustrations ensure the basis of this collection, gathering inspirations from stripes within landscapes. A 3D element is consistent throughout, shown through various screen printing processes which include, pigment, puff and foil details.

Development Drawings

Experimenting with a wide range of drawing techniques was crucial for producing these unusual textures. Bleaching, rubbing and collaging different marks gave layout and compositional ideas to translate these across to screen printing.

The Collection

Pink and peach hues make an appearance within these grey-scale based fashion prints. By incorporating the knowledge of fabric dyeing techniques with screen printed methods, these prints show how easily these textures can be manipulated. There is a consistent horizontal stripe throughout, which is a vital element to the collection, as the idea of abstract landscapes wanted to be emphasised. Fabric manipulation techniques flow fluently across the samples, through the use of pleating and puffing the fabric.

Visualising the Collection