Interiors S/S 18 Collection

Bloomsbury Group influences show consideration into this loose, painterly floral style adopted through media like watercolours and fine lines. Organic and fluid shapes create a fresh outlook, translated into both digital and screen printed designs, fit for the commercial market.

Development Drawings

A diverse range of motifs have been explored by soft watercolour contrasting against structural line illustrations to show the English heritage element to start the collection. The watercolour technique proves to be a strong point to these drawings, making them feel soft and free; keeping the overall look original and fresh.

The Collection 

The digitally printed element has executed these designs perfectly onto linen fabrics and wallpaper. Interior products have been created to show visually how these patterns can be suited to the interior market in the form of cushions and lampshades.

Visualising the Collection

The collection has been visualised within a calm, tranquil setting to reflect the research behind the concept created.