Interiors S/S 17 Collection

Heavily inspired by the unusual streets of Positano, Italy, this collection captures the true essence of the town’s architecture through colour, scale, and most importantly, the illustrations. Digitally printed textile and wallpaper samples are embellished with screen printed foil elements.

Development Drawings

Illustration style drawing proved to be a strength when developing these ideas, as a clear market and style was identified. Mixing up fine line drawings and a painterly hand kept the designs looking fresh and interesting. Acrylic iron work patterns and marks ensured a texture that would run throughout the collection, linking the with architectural elements carefully.

The Collection

With knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, these designs were able to translate very well across to fabric and wallpaper. Ditsy style patterns sit alongside large and graphic drawings to create this diverse range of commercial illustrative prints. Screen printed foil embellishments sit carefully on top, adding a touch of sparkle to reflect the light.

Visualising the Collection

A commercial range of products are visualised to show how these prints can be applied to any number of surfaces, like walls, ceramics and fabric.